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unit 9

Unit 9: Research (Greg)

For the unit 9 project we have to complete two pieces that are different formats, the two have to be based on the same theme with the target audience being aged between 16-30 years old.

Before I started creating the final product I carried out research to help me gather an understanding of what I could do, how I could do it, information to include in my product and to get examples of products like my own. I collected a lot of research, however, only a few pieces had input on my work. The types of research ranged from primary to secondary, qualitative and quantitative.

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Unit 9: Group discussion (Greg)

Did anyone identify specific characteristics that will impact on their writing etc?

During the discussing, we all talked about the mediums we chose and the characteristics that relate to the formats. Such as we are all doing articles and so we talked about the characteristics related to the format, these included: 25 opening words (Hook), word choice and the 5 w’s. One person said that the use of the inverted pyramid meant they were able to priorities what’s more important, and so they could organise their work and therefore improve on it. Continue reading “Unit 9: Group discussion (Greg)”

Week Six: Unit 9, Radio Feature (Greg)

This week we looked at radio features, this meaning the characteristics behind making a feature or drama. We then had to write a drama and a feature of own for radio. We also looked at what makes the two different.  Continue reading “Week Six: Unit 9, Radio Feature (Greg)”

Week Five: Unit 9, Documentary’s (Greg)

In week five we looked into documentary’s, more specifically how to write a script and what some of the aspects of making a good documentary includes. Continue reading “Week Five: Unit 9, Documentary’s (Greg)”

Week Four: Unit 9, Theater (Greg)

This week we looked at Theatre, but more specifically playwriting. We did so by looking at the method of writing a play, looking at some professional plays, some of the aspects of the method and then we wrote two plays of our own.

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Week Three: Unit 9, Showing and not telling (Greg)

This week we learnt how to structure a script, how to use showing vs telling in storytelling and how to work well in collaboration. Learning each of these meant that we were able to create a short film that used no dialogue but was still very clear in what the meaning was.

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Week Two: Unit 9 (Greg)

This week we looked at target audience, the Inverted Pyramid, along with looking at other key skills needed to write a powerful article and character description.

Target Audience:

The first task for this week was to read a variety of different of written pieces and work out what audience they were aimed at. Each piece we had fitted a different audience in another way than another. One piece of text we had was the first chapter of the book ‘True Grit’, when reading it I thought it was aimed more towards a younger audience due to the language used, for example: Continue reading “Week Two: Unit 9 (Greg)”

Rolling News (Tom)

50 Words:

This morning at 8:30am Kent Police received a ‘tip off’ that a bomb has been placed on Canterbury High Street. After speaking with the Kent Police spokesperson, I can confirm that they have sent out a bomb disposal team as well as cornering of the high street including the Cathedral Gates.   Continue reading “Rolling News (Tom)”

Week One: Unit 9 (Greg)

This week was our first week of year two. We learned what we are going to be doing throughout the year and what projects we’ll be doing. Such as we are doing a project based on educating children between the age of 5-11 on a certain topic and presenting it to them in a format that would interest them, such as a book. We also looked at the topics; Decluttering text, speaking voice and opinion pieces.

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