This week we looked at different research resources to gather an understanding of what a young child between the ages of 5-11 find interesting and how we could use them to get inspiration for our own products. To do this we looked at 5 different mediums, I researched; animation, video, flipbook, book and educational poster. Once we researched each format we created a presentation in groups which we then presented to the class.PowerPoint Presentation:

Research on Resources for Unit 10      

There would have also been a video linked, unfortunately,  the format would not work within the blog.

You can see that we evaluated each piece of medium to show how they helped us and what we learnt from them, we did so by looking at a professional version of the research. Such as with Flipbooks we found a professional example which we then explained how it helped us get an understanding of ways we could do it. We came to the conclusion that the products need’s to have more visual aspects to it than text as a child would find it less interesting if the text overruled the visual aspect. Overall I thought the research I carried out gave me more of an idea of what I could do for my product and how I would go about it.